How To Sell Your Home FAST

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It happens all the time- life throws a curveball and before you know it, you are needing to relocate for whatever reason. It can add stress, but here are some ways you can get it sold fast, without losing money.

1. Find The Right Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent will be your best friend when selling a home- especially in a time crunch. They offer insight into the local market that will be crucial when listing, as well as all kinds of tips to drive buyers to submit solid offers, fast. One of the most important things a Realtor will be able to assist you with is the pricing of your property, which brings us to item number two.

2. Price The Property Accurately

It makes sense that if you don’t overprice your property it will sell faster. The even better news is that if you price it correctly and it sells fast, it will also likely be for more money than if it were overpriced. This is because all of the attention a listing receives is usually at the beginning. That’s when housing websites are pushing it the most, and when everyone wants to see if it’s a smoking deal or if they should wait until the seller drops the price. Once the attention is gone, buyers are going to know they have the upper hand and are going to negotiate for a lower price than it could have sold for if it were listed correctly. Price is always a moving target so it’s important to work with a Realtor who knows what similar homes are selling for in your area, but the good news is that they can help you set a price that will get you top dollar in the shortest time possible.

3. Fix Any Glaring Issues

If you really want to drive offers, you should address any concerns that buyers might have during their showings. I know we are in a rush, but if we can spare some time to paint the room that could really use it, or have Lowe’s replace the old carpet in the living room (or at least clean it), it could really increase the houses desirability. Buyers of course are looking for houses that are as move-in ready as possible, and any defects are just one more reason for them to either keep looking, or take money off of their offer. Sometimes the simple fixes can have the greatest return!

4. Clean and Organize

It’s important for the house to look well maintained for both pictures and for potential buyers who are touring it. Everybody can let their place get a little messy sometimes, and buyers can understand that, but most people will subliminally believe the house itself is in better condition and has been better maintained if it is clean and organized on the inside (and outside for that matter). You should also consider taking down any personal photography or decorations around the house- firstly because you might not want strangers seeing pictures of your family, but also because research shows it will actually help buyers imagine themselves living there, and can result in more fondness and better offers.

5. Incentivize The Deal

If you are pressed for time and don’t mind throwing in some financial incentives to sweeten the deal, these could really help buyers choose your house over the competition! Some examples of what you could do to motivate buyers are below:

Offer to cover some or all of their closing costs

Include a home warranty with the property to give them peace of mind

Offer to leave an allowance for items that might be a concern (old carpets, replacing an appliance, etc)

Offer to pay for an inspection

Agree to repair requests submitted by the buyer

In A Rush To Sell Your Property?

As an Executive Broker, I have the skillset needed to get your property sold fast! Give me a call today and let’s not waste another minute!

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