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Below, you will find a list of things to consider as you sell your home, some tips for getting it sold on your own, and I’ll explain my unique For Sale By Owner Backup-Plan.

Please understand that I am not going to beg for your listing. I respect your decision to sell on your own, and I only seek to be a resource for you and be here if you do decide to list with a REALTOR.

I understand this can be a great way to save money, especially in an arms length transaction. If you do decide to list with a REALTOR, I have created some intriguing promotions that will get your house all the attention it deserves, while still saving you thousands.

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Things To Consider When Selling On Your Own

There are lots of variables in any Real Estate transaction. From listing the property to getting to the closing table, here are some things you should consider:

High Quality Photos– Pictures are worth a thousand words, and with more and more out of state buyers moving to our beautiful NC, photos are more important than ever. Give buyers a great first impression with several clear, high quality photos.

Beautiful Online Listings– Real Estate searches on Google have increased 253% in the past four years, and now over 90% of buyers are actively searching online. Your listing should be online on as many websites as possible, and as eye-catching as possible.

Measuring The Home– This is not something you want to trust public record on, as there have been several incidents of lawsuits resulting from buyers finding out their house it is actually smaller than advertised when they bought months or years ago.

Price The Home Competitively– Too high and buyers will think the competing houses look like better deals, and could cost you months on the market. If you price too low, well, you are leaving money on the table, which nobody wants to do.

Preparing The home– Clean, declutter, and organize. Make sure buyers are able to see the entirety of a room when they are touring the property. I recommend sellers take down any personal pictures and personal decorations so it’s easier for buyers to imagine themselves living in the home. It is also a good idea to consider doing some repairs that buyers will likely try to negotiate for, and any repairs that could give you a positive return on investment. Remember, most buyers are going to have a home inspection once they are under contract, which will reveal any issues that aren’t obvious during their showings.

Marketing The Home– You’ll want the online listings that you’ve created to appear in front of as many potential buyers as possible. Be sure to focus your marketing dollars in ways that will focus on your ideal target audience.

Buyers Agents– Over 88% of buyers who are actively searching are being assisted by an agent, most in a contractual agreement. Most buyers are also not expecting to pay that agents commission. Offering to pay for their agent is a sure way to increase the number of interested buyers, and if you are, let them know it in the description.

Qualifying Buyers– You didn’t list your property just so people could track mud through your home or admire your furniture. You only want people who are ready, willing, and able to buy. I strongly encourage multiple levels of qualifying for anyone selling without an agent. First, make sure the prospective buyer is financially capable of the purchase. Second, check IDs before allowing people into your home. Third, if they are to be shown by a buyers agent, make sure their agent is licensed and actually an agent.

Showing The Property– Sometimes, the buyers will have an agent who will be able to show them the property alone. You should, however, expect to be present for at least some of the showings, if not all. If you are the one showing the buyers, make sure they stick together and are not wandering around without you. Try to detach yourself from the property as well, as some buyers will express their concerns and issues with the house- though sometimes it’s only in hopes to negotiate later.

Negotiating– You will likely face negotiations twice with a buyer. First before they agree to purchase, and again once they have had a home inspection. When they are under contract and negotiating for repairs, this is their final attempt to lower the price and get a better deal. Most FSBO transactions do end up giving more seller contributions (such as seller paid closing costs) than REALTOR assisted transactions, so don’t be afraid to stand your ground.

Legal Paperwork– There is a handful of forms and disclosures that are legally required when selling a house in NC. Under typical circumstances, any house listed for sale will require a Residential Property Owners Association Disclosure, Mineral Oil and Gas Rights Disclosure, and if the home was built prior to 1978, it will also require a Lead Based Paint Addendum. Also, you’ll want to pay very close attention to the Offer To Purchase that the buyer submits, as it can be easy to sneak things into it that you might not catch. If you need copies of these disclosures for your listing I will be happy to send them over at no cost. I can also send you a sample copy of a Form 2-T Offer To Purchase and go over the most important fields in it so you know what to look for when you receive one.

Coordinating Closing With Escrow Agent– Be sure to schedule the closing with an escrow agent, as that is a necessary part of the selling process. They will need to perform title searches on the property and distribute the funds upon closing.

and more… there is a lot that goes into the sale of a home and it can be a very time consuming process. Heck, it’s a full time job for some of us! If you already have a tight schedule, or simply don’t want the headache of these mundane activities, consider hiring a professional who does these activities every day.

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My For Sale By Owner Backup Plan

My FSBO Backup Plan is designed to turn my services into an investment rather than an expense, and I mean that. From creative pricing designed to save you money to professional services specifically chosen for their impact on sales price- not only will I save you time and headache, I guarantee you will walk away with the absolute most money possible.

Flex Rate Commission

Typically, the main reason homeowners sell on their own is to save money through commissions- but did you know that studies show REALTOR assisted sales typically sell for 13-16% more than homeowner sold homes? That means hiring a REALTOR will likely put more money in your pocket, even after paying a commission. Nonetheless, I offer a Flex Rate Commission plan that helps you save even MORE.

If another agent brings the buyer, you pay 6%– 3% to my firm and 3% to the other agents firms.

If I bring the buyer, you pay 3%– I will represent you and the buyer, essentially giving you a 50% discount. If you are currently open to paying a buyers agent who supplies a buyer, this is likely the same amount you would be paying them- except in this scenario you are paying for an agent to work for you, not against you.

If you bring the buyer, you pay 1%– I will have lots of time and money invested into your home to make sure you get top dollar (more on that below). The 1% simply helps me recuperate some of the expenses I incur by marketing your property. I am confident my marketing strategies will increase the sales price by much more than 1%.

Top-Tier Marketing

My marketing is with the best of them. There are plenty of ways I can bring a qualified buyer to purchase your home and thus save you more. My marketing consists of:

Facebook and Google ads targeted to people most likely to be searching for properties.

Text-for-info signs so that drive-by-buyers will reach out to me before another agent.

MLS Listings, ensuring your home will be listed on every single housing website out there. Period.

Realty Executives Website, which absolutely excels at securing buyer leads. We show up at the top of searches for agents and firms, with over 3x more reviews than any other firm in the area.

Mailers with beautiful, high quality photos of your home.

Prospecting for buyers who will be interested in your property.

Weekly Office Meetings where we discuss our upcoming and new listings to the 80+ agents in our office that are actively working with qualified buyers.

and so much more. Give me a call to discuss what I do to get your home sold FAST.

I put my money where my mouth is

Many agents will promise to get you top dollar for your home, but I actually invest in your property. Here is a list of professional services that I provide for FREE to get your home sold quickly at top dollar:

Professional Photography– First impressions matter! Especially when over 90% of buyers are searching online before scheduling showings. Grab their interest with beautiful, professional photos.

Drone photos– Differentiate yourself from the competition with high quality aerial photography that shows off your homes aesthetic as well as the land.

Digital Floorplans– Help potential buyers be sure that this home is a good fit for them, especially out of state buyers who aren’t able to measure the property to make sure their furniture will work.

Professional Measurements– Remove all liability of measuring the living area of the home.

3d Zillow Tours– Buyers will be ready to offer before ever stepping inside, this is also crucial for out of state buyers who need a way to get a feel of the home that pictures alone can’t give.

Pre-listing inspection– I will obtain a home inspection prior to listing the property, which we will review to identify what buyers will likely negotiate for, and what repairs could give you the highest return on investment. By proactively addressing any issues with the property, we can reduce the likelihood that they will try to negotiate repairs. We can also offer the report to any potential buyers if you choose, which would give them more confidence in the property and as a result increase their offer and deposit amounts.

My plan goes beyond selling, too

If you are selling in order to purchase your next home, my FSBO plan will even help you when you are ready to buy again. Once I get your home sold and I am helping you search for your next property, I want to offer you even more value:

My “Love it or List it” Program– If you have to sell within 18 months of buying your next property for any reason, I will not charge you a penny to list your home.

FREE Home Inspection Report– Upon going under contract, I will be happy to cover the home inspection fee so you can be confident in your purchase.

Is it time to let me help? Give me a call!

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