Buyer Tips

Buying a home can feel overwhelming. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of useful information to help you. Whenever you are ready to begin your home search, you can be assured a professional Real Estate Broker will be by your side every step of the way.

  • How Much Do You Really Need For A Down Payment?
    Contrary to popular belief, you don’t always need a 10-20% down payment to buy a house. Check out how you can buy a house for low or no money down!
  • Co-Buying: Everything To Know About Buying A House With Friends
    Co-Buying has numerous advantages that can make it a great option for first time buyers, but there are also some disadvantages to consider as well. Check out this post for everything you should consider before buying with your friends.
  • The 2022 Housing Market: Record Highs and Record Lows
    The 2022 market was one for the books. We saw some positive all-time highs in 2022, such as home values, and some other highs that aren’t so positive (like interest rates). We also […]
  • What Is A Home Warranty- And Do You Need One?
    Whenever you are buying a home, one of the biggest concerns will be future maintenance. How old is the roof? How are the bones of the homes? Are the windows in need of […]
  • 5 Most Common Real Estate Scams- And How To Prevent Them
    More and more people are resorting to scamming, and it’s more important than ever to be prepared. This list will cover 5 of the most common scams to watch out for, and how to prevent them.
  • 4 Ways To Get The Best Rates Possible Today
    These are strategies that any buyer can use to secure the best rates in the market.
  • 7 Items To Check At Showings
    So you are looking at homes and ready to settle into the perfect one. Good for you! Owning Real Estate is a great investment, and after some time, you’ll be glad you did. […]
  • Buying Your First Home
    Achieving the American Dream of Home Ownership While renting is a great option of housing, I believe there are some undeniable benefits of home ownership. Things such as debt pay-down, appreciation, tax deductions, […]
  • Should You Put Offers on Multiple Properties in North Carolina at Once?
    Here is our question- with the recent addition of the Due Diligence deposit, and no rules stopping buyers from doing this- is it a good idea to put offers in on multiple properties […]
  • Homebuyer Competition Drops to Lowest Level Since Beginning of Pandemic
    The demand for single-family homes has rapidly climbed in the past two years, as the coronavirus shut down encouraged people to look for more living space. The increased demand, limited by low inventory […]
  • The Scoop On Energy Efficient Homes
    Energy efficient homes help us save on our utility bills and also reduce our carbon footprint. This post explains energy efficient homes and gives tips on what you can do to make your home more green as well.
  • Writing A Compelling Offer To Purchase
    Currently, across the country the housing market is still favoring sellers, with new generations and new families eager to get in on the perks of home ownership. In most areas, however, the inventory […]
  • The Hidden Costs In Every Home Purchase
    Recent history has made purchasing a home easier than it has ever been. With so many different types of loans, there is a loan for everyone. There are short loans, low-money-down loans, Veteran […]
  • Beyond The Basic Home Inspection
    The typical home inspection is a great place to start if you are in the due diligence period of a home purchase. A home inspector does a more topical inspection of a wide […]
  • Real Estate Frequently Asked Questions
    How Should I Prepare My House Before Listing It? You’ve heard it before and it’s as true with real estate as anything else- first impressions matter. It’s a good idea to make sure […]
  • Making Sense of Due Diligence and Earnest Money
    You found one! After MONTHS of online searches, countless showings, and a number of arguments with your significant other, you have finally found a place you can both agree on. Excited to move […]

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