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Catawba County Reaches 6,300 Tax Valuation Appeals

The property revaluation in Catawba County was the biggest jump in values we have seen in a very long time, and have since stirred up roughly 6,300 property owners to appeal their new valuation. Most valuations were increased by 50-70%, so many people saw an increase of well over $100,000. With many of the counties…

February Housing Market Recap

In January, our median sales price increased to $261,800. Inventory has started to increase, as prices continue to climb, but homes are taking longer to sell, and there are less transactions.

Cut Down Your Bradford Pear Tree, Get A Free Tree To Take It’s Place

Bradford Pears in full bloom. Photo by Apline Tree Removal. In Catawba County, a bounty is being offered for the troublesome Bradford Pear trees for anyone who is willing to remove them from their property. The bounty being a native replacement tree, provided by Duke Energy. The Bradford, which was once seen as a beautiful…

Wholesalers- How Do They Differ From Realtors?

In recent years, there has been a growing trend of something called wholesaling. Traditionally, wholesalers were a type of investor, but more recently they have started acting as more of a real estate agent. Let’s get into how they are doing it. What is Wholesaling? In the past, and still in a technical sense, wholesaling…


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