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A large Microsoft building

Microsoft Plans to Invest over $1 Billion In Catawba County

The tech giant Microsoft has planned to invest at least $1,000,000,000 in Catawba County by building four new data centers throughout the county. The data centers are to be built in Hickory, Conover, and Maiden over the next decade. Officials and leaders throughout Catawba County met in Hickory to discuss the incentives for bringing such […]

Appliances that are covered by a home warranty

What Is A Home Warranty- And Do You Need One?

Whenever you are buying a home, one of the biggest concerns will be future maintenance. How old is the roof? How are the bones of the homes? Are the windows in need of replacement? Is there water getting in the crawlspace? For most buyers, a home inspection is a fair price to pay to determine […]


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